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The Subways

English indie rock band The Subways made their first visit to Finland with gigs in Helsinki and Tampere. With large fan-bases in the UK, Italy and Germany, the band set out to conquer the rest of Europe. While they may not be that well known in Finland (yet), the venue was adequately filled (especially considering it was a Wednesday!).

Local Tampere-based rock band Idiomatic kicked off the show and got the crowd going with a solid set.

I was not familiar with The Subways before the gig, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The amount of energy produced by three persons, really took me by surprise. They kept the energy level going at eleven for the entire gig and really showed a genuine joy of being on stage. The band engaged the audience well, yelling Finnish words and phrases in between songs, stage diving/crowd surfing as well as setting up a circle pit at one point of the gig.
The crowd enjoyed it, the band seemed to enjoy it, I certainly enjoyed it. They got at least one new fan in Finland, so hopefully they will be coming back, since this is really a band you have to enjoy live on stage!